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Welcome to Backyardfarmer, helping you Keep warm with quality Seasoned Hardwood English Logs.  

Sourced from sustainable English woodlands.  

  • Backyard farmer, supply seasoned hardwood logs which are suitable for log burning stoves, wood burners, and not forgetting your BBQ’s, the chimineas and fire pits to keep you warm outside.
  • Our seasoned hardwood logs are available in single nets or by the pallets in giant 1M3 bulk bags.  Plus free delivery available on kindlings sticks with our Hardwood English Logs.
  • Whatever the season you can have a perfect supply of seasoned hardwood logs, ready for burning anytime.

Kiln & Barn Dried

Our seasoned hardwood English logs are Kiln dried and barn stored in large ventilated bags, which will guarantee you a constant supply of consistently good quality dry and seasoned hardwood logs.

Sustainably Sourced

  • All our seasoned hardwood logs are from 100%  sustainable sources, from well managed woodlands in the Lake District and our prices include delivery to your home
  • We think we can offer the best price in the UK for the best seasoned hardwood logs with unbeatable quality and delivery included in the price (no hidden extras). Not all suppliers can offer such high quality seasoned hardwood logs.

Why burn seasoned hardwood logs?  

Until the industrial revolution, wood was the traditional fuel in the UK.

Over the last 20 years firewood has been replaced by coal, oil and gas but our increasing awareness of the environmental damage caused by fossil fuels has led to a growing interest in using seasoned hardwood logs as a, low carbon alternative which is both sustainable and renewable.
  • Burning hardwood logs efficiently  is a major source of renewable heat energy and produces virtually no smoke.
  • As trees grow they absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), incorporating the carbon into new growth and returning oxygen to the atmosphere.
  • When the hardwood logs are burned this carbon is oxidised and released as CO2. As a result, using hardwood logs from sustainably managed trees reduces net CO2 production (whilst small amounts are released by the activities of processing and transportation) compared to using fossil fuels.
  • This means that hardwood logs used for heating can significantly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels whilst also reducing our CO2 emissions.

Seasoned Hardwood Log Production

As soon as the timber is felled and stacked, the drying process of the hardwood logs starts.

  • We only use mixed hardwoods which are renowned for excellent burning qualities, mainly sycamore, oak, ash, beech and birch.
  • The timber is delivered to the production yard by lorries carrying 25-tonne loads.
  • The wood is then loaded onto a computerised wood-processing machine which cuts and splits the timber into logs.
  • All the hardwood logs are kiln dried and go over a filter system so bark shavings and sawdust don’t go into the bags, leaving behind dry clean quality hardwood logs.
  • The seasoned hardwood logs are stored in our special ventilated bulk bags on pallets in airy barns.

We deliver our hardwood logs locally ourselves and nationally throughout the UK by a haulage service.

For Liverpool & Area delivery, we can sometimes arrange delivery the same day and for Nationwide Delivery within 5-7  working days.

National deliveries of logs are delivered on a recyclable, burnable pallet.

The pallet truck cannot be manoeuvred across gravel or grass.

If you have any further questions regarding delivery, please see our Delivery information page