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Bronze Turkeys – Award winning birds

Our Bronze Turkeys are full of good old fashioned flavour and bred to provide the ultimate Christmas dinner.

Once you have enjoyed our Bronze turkeys, you will want to one again,  year after year,  for the very best Christmas meal.

The way we breed and raise our Bronze turkeys is the secret of our success.

Traditional Farming Methods

  • By using traditional farming methods, we allow our Bronze turkeys to explore and scratch around at their leisure in our own green fields.
  • At night our Bronze turkeys have the shelter of  an open-sided barn, with deep straw and plenty of fresh air.
  • We use an award winning slow-growing strain of Bronze turkey, grown to maturity over several months.
  • Their feed is based on locally grown cereals and vegetable protein, without additives, drugs or growth promoters.

Traditional Butchering Techniques

  • Using traditional processing methods, our Bronze turkeys are hand plucked and then hung in a chilled environment for at least fourteen days, allowing the meat to develop an even fuller flavour.
  • Our facilities are independently inspected to ensure compliance with the food hygiene regulations and the Bronze turkey chicks we raise have won many awards, not just for the taste of the birds, but also for the way they are farmed.
Our Bronze turkeys come boxed with a sprig of fresh rosemary and cooking instructions.