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Tel: 07738 234 555

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Pumphouse Farm

Farm Gate Collection

Bronze Turkeys and the trimmings …..

Christmas is coming and we offer the unique opportunity to come to the farm to pick up your turkey, buy local game, homemade preserves  and the freshest free range eggs.
  • You can also pre-order our homemade Turkey and Pork Sausages
  • The children will love to come and say hello to a few of the animals on the farm ....

Christmas Farm Shop

  • Free Range Eggs
  • Local Game
  • Home-made Sausages
  • Home-made Preserves


Farm-gate Collection

23-24 December 
8.30am – 4pm
Tel : 07738 234555

HollyHome grown free range Bronze Turkeys from our farm in Hightown, Merseyside.  

Free range and happy turkeys, reared and grown in our own fields, free to scratch around and explore at their leisure.

Farm Gate Collection : Pumphouse Farm, St Georges Road, Hightown, Merseyside, L38 3RY


Bronze Turkeys - Award Winning Birds ..