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Pumphouse Farm Bronze Turkeys

Our family have been rearing poultry for over 40 years on our family run farm in Hightown, and rearing Bronze Turkeys on the farm now for nearly 10 years, allowing us to produce the finest quality  Bronze Turkey for your Christmas dinner. All our birds arrive on the farm as day old chicks. They are naturally reared in our airy barns with the comfort of deep straw bedding, allowing the turkeys to not only encourage and display their natural foraging behaviour,  but also to provide them with the necessary insulated comfort during their first few weeks.

HollyTraditional Farming Methods

Our traditional farming methods are maintained and welfare of the birds is paramount. Our high welfare standards ensure that our free range turkeys are free to roam outside from around 6 weeks old, and enjoy the freedom to scratch and explore at their leisure on our own green fields, whilst enjoying the fresh air and countryside every day.

Our free range bronze turkey flock are made up from both stags and hens and taking advantage of traditional farming methods they display all the natural characteristics of birds living in the wild.  

The bronze turkeys love to roost when they can and take dust  and have a natural hierarchy. A bronze turkey’s instinct is also to protect itself from predators and our birds are free to roam in and out of the airy barns, but they can also take natural cover in the long grass & pampas which at the same time brings a wonderful diversity of wildlife to the farm.

HollyNaturally Reared

All our bronze turkeys are free range and are fed on completely natural feed, sourced from a local farmer and with no growth promoters or additives, ensuring completely happy turkeys.  The bronze turkeys get the best quality feed with the added benefit of additional nutrients available from grazing on our own green fields, giving them the necessary sustenance for long slow growth, which inevitably makes the finished bird mature, tender and full of flavour.


The Bronze Turkeys are the nearest things to a wild bird, whilst tender and full of flavour. They have the added bonus of cooking much quicker than the traditional white turkey as they have a natural fat layering in the meat.

The traditional way on a farm is the only way.  A true bronze turkey should be reared and the bronze turkey is one on its own and there can be no imitations. The birds all have black feather stubs, which is the most definitive way of recognising a true kelly bronze turkey and these will disappear during the cooking process.

HollyHappy Turkeys

 At the end of their long, happy and healthy life, the bronze turkeys are humanely slaughtered and hung for several days to allow the true full flavour of the meat to develop.  We are keen to carry on the traditions of farming passed down through the generations and also using traditional butchering techniques where the bronze turkeys are plucked and dressed by hand.  

The bronze birds are available as a whole turkey,  turkey crown or turkey breast and are all boxed along with the giblets (in a separate bag) and cooking instructions. Reserve your bronze turkey today and order online for collection from the farm gate or home delivery to your door on 22nd December.

Ensure you have the best christmas dinner and pre order your Bronze turkey online now..

Christmas is coming and the Goose is getting fat - well the Turkey is too!

HollyThe unrivalled Kings of the Christmas Dinner table - so which to choose?
HollySome people swear by a traditional goose, but the vast majority of us still 'gobble' up turkey on Christmas Day.
HollyHere at Backyardfarmer, we are proud to offer you both; the finest Bronze Turkeys and Free Range Geese available.
HollyNaturally reared on our own farm

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HollyCarefully sourced from a local breeder.
Pre-order online for either *Farmgate Collection or Home Delivery this Christmas.

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