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Topsoil for your garden ....

Managing the topsoil in your garden is one of the most important and rewarding aspects of growing plants and vegetables.  

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Healthy topsoil is the foundation of a healthy garden, therefore it is essential to know its composition.

Sandy soils

....water and nutrients quickly drain though sandy soil, which dries out in summer and needs heavy and repeated feeding during the growing season.  

Clay soils

....retain water and nutrients but drain slowly, and although they require little watering and feeding it is hard to get plants established in clay soils.

Silt soil

....hold water and nutrients similarly to clay but drain more readily. However, silt is unstable and the soil can be damaged if it is worked when wet.


.... is the ideal soil, consisting of enough sand and silt to keep it open and free draining, but also enough clay to retain nutrients and water.  Unfortunately loam is rare in gardens or allotments. 

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  • Quality topsoil is also a much needed base for a new lawn, with the need for a good base to establish a strong root bed.
  • Ensure you have a high quality topsoil for the garden is essential as it will provide early establishment and development of not only turf but seeds, trees, shrubs, vegetables and your garden plants.
  • Our garden topsoil is a very high quality, organic rich, fertile, blended landscape loam screened to 10mm. Suitable for most landscaping and amenity applications, the topsoil is dark rich in colour with a PH close to neutral  A premium grade topsoil which  is ideal as a general purpose landscape loam and perfect for use in flowerbeds, raised borders and vegetable gardens.
  • High quality garden topsoil and organic peat free compost from sustainable sources and delivery is free to most parts of the UK.   
  • Fast and friendly FREE DELIVERY to most parts of the UK.   For deliveries to Scotland and Wales, please ring to confirm delivery is available in your area. Tel 07738234555.

Ensure you have a quality topsoil, on its own or mixed with compost - perfect for beds, borders, lawn leveling or fruit and vegetables.

  • Can be used on its own or mixed with compost.
  • Improves Soil Structure
  • Rich in natural nutrients
  • Mix with compost for the ultimate Topsoil or buy a blended topsoil

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(NB Please allow extra 2-3 days delivery time for sterilised topsoil)

NB We can only guarantee kerb side delivery however, where possible the driver may move the pallet onto your drive way if you have one, (it is only possible to move a pallet on a firm level surface such as concrete, tarmac, paving etc) we cannot deliver or move a pallet on soft or uneven surfaces such as gravel drives, grass etc or steep slopes