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Our family have been keeping and rearing chicken for over 40 years and has provided our family with a constant supply of fresh eggs and  an endless source of amusement with their antics. We reared chickens from day old chicks for free range egg laying and I have fond memories of watching my children holding day old chickens and opening the barn door to a sea of golden balls of fluff.  

Our little brood ...   

Now we have our own little brood of rare breed silkie chickens at the end of the garden and a few Khaki Campbell ducks wandering around the vegetable patch. 

  •   Silkie chickens are an excellent choice for anyone starting out in keeping chickens in the garden; delightfully docile and have a most laid back temperament. 
  •  Silkie chickens are good layers (though not prolific) and though they don’t lay as much in the summer months they will provide you with a steady flow of eggs over the winter when other breeds have stopped.
  •  There is no comparison in freshness and quality over shop bought eggs, together with the pleasure of seeing your own chickens scratching around the garden looking for bugs or worms, and keeping the weeds at bay! 

However a point worth mentioning; chickens cannot distinguish between weeds and seedlings and will scratch around happily all  day, so maybe it’s best to keep them away from your prize winning efforts and give them an area of their own.

  •  Silkie chickens actually don’t scratch around as much as other breeds and can’t fly, so can be kept with very low fencing and do little damage to the garden. 

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