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Garden Wildlife

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'Your garden can be a wonderful home for wildlife'  

'More and more creatures will visit your garden if you give them what they need...'

  • All wildlife need is food and a little place to call home.
  • An overgrown corner in your garden provides animals with seeds and insects all year round.  
  • Keep  bird feeders topped up and leave out some old fruit in the winter.
  • Thick bushes make lovely nesting places for birds or encourage birds into your garden with a nesting box to ensure your garden birds visit time and time again.
  • A rockery offers homes for frogs and toads and a tree hole may even hide a bat.
As habitats of many species are threatened by changes to their environment, our garden Insect Hotel creates the perfect environment to help insect wildlife breed, shelter, hibernate and thrive in your garden.
Water is important too; a pond makes a home for all kinds of wildlife, and a bird bath offers drinks to many thirst animals.

Can you work out who lives in your garden?

Spring....  despite its sometime reluctance Spring eventually arrives and the the crocus gives way to daffodils and tulips.
The butterflies too will soon be making their debut.  After a decline in numbers of butterflies in 2012, last year saw numbers of butterflies increase.  
A 'Wider Countryside' butterfly survey in 2013 showed that our sunny and warm weather last summer helped butterflies thrive; species such as the common blue, large and small skipper and small tortoiseshell and brimstone butterflies.
Apple trees in full blossom entice the bumble bees out of hibernation, and we are offered a promise of Summer ....  

Bird & Wildlife Feed

So every garden can be a good home for Wildlife, but all wildlife needs food so keep your feeders topped up for your garden birds.

  • Encourage a wonderful array of garden birds into your garden all year round with bird feeders and treats,.
  • Backyardfarmer we have tried to put together a selection of bird feeders together with insect and bird houses to keep the wildlife in your garden happy all year round.  
  • Gardens come in all shapes and sizes and each and every one can be a home for garden birds and wildlife.  

In a nutshell, more wildlife will visit your garden if you give them what they need.

Backyardfarmer can offer you a compact range of practical gifts for garden birds and other wildlife in your garden; wonderful to give to others, but just as great to keep for yourself. All our products have a simple yet functional design, making them suitable for a wide variety of garden birds and insects. Our range consists of nesting bird boxes, bird feeders and a range of habitats for butterflies, bees, lacewings, earwigs and ladybirds.

A fascinating way of attracting wildlife into your garden.




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