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Bark & Woodland Mulch

Backyardfarmer offer a natural range of products to bring out the very best in your garden, from economical Woodland Mulch to Decorative Bark.The woodland mulch and bark will enhance your garden whilst helping to retain moisture in the soil.


Material (such as decaying leaves, bark, or compost) spread around or over a plant to enrich or insulate the soil.


The tough protective outer sheath of the trunk, branches, and twigs of a tree or woody shrub.


  • Both the Decorative Bark and Woodland Mulch act as natural weed suppressants, as well as looking most attractive in borders, on paths and in play areas.
  • All our prices for palletised items include delivery to most parts of the UK including central Middlesex, so there are no hidden extras.
  • The primary function of bark and mulch is weed control and for the gardener who does not want to spend all summer with a hoe in hand, bark and mulch are the weed-control of choice and produce instant and affordable results.
  • Protect your plants and soil with bark or mulch. Perfect for borders, combatting weed growth and sprucing up your garden.

So how thick is enough, or rather how long is a piece of string?

Mulch is usually a layer of organic material and a layer thick enough to exclude light will prevent most weeds from germinating. It will also kill any weed seedlings that do germinate.

Of course, there is nothing to stop seeds blowing in and growing on top of the mulch, but weeds rooted in mulch are easy to uproot.

Since most weeds need light to germinate, for permanent weed control, top up as necessary to maintain a thick layer.

When to apply?

After rain so the soil under the mulch is moist and still relatively warm.

Mulch or Bark?

  • Some mulches and bark look nicer than others, so compost, woodland mulch or bark, the choice is yours.
  • Although weed control may be your primary aim, organic mulch, bark and compost does a lot more than that for your garden; slowly decaying and adding organic matter to your soil; encouraging earthworms and improving soil structure and water-holding capacity.
  • Mulch and bark will protect your soil from heavy rain, allowing rainwater to slowly percolate through, preventing run-off and erosion.
  • Mulch contains small amounts of nutrients, gradually building up fertility of your soil, just let the worms do the rest.


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